English Conditionals

English conditionals are a common grammar structure.

They often talk about things that are not real. 

Conditional sentences use "if" or "when".  English conditionals can be for the past, present, and future. 

The four English conditionals are as follows:

Zero Conditional

The English Conditionals website has lessons, exercises, music, and games for English conditionals. Improve your English grammar skills by understanding how to use conditional tenses.

There are also ideas for teachers to use in the classroom. Check out our pages of lesson plans, games, activities, and more.

Interested in taking some tests to see if you understand?  Try these English conditional exercises:

English Conditionals Lessons

The English Conditionals website has lessons on all four of the English conditionals.  To learn about each grammar structure, click on the links below:

Zero Conditional

First Conditional

Second Conditional

Third Conditional

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Modal Verbs

English Conditionals Exercises

The English Conditionals website has many exercises to help you practice your understanding of conditionals.  These multiple choice and fill in the blank quizzes are on all four conditional structures.  To try the exercises, click on the links below:

Zero Conditional Exercise
Zero Conditional Exercise 2

English Conditionals Music

The English Conditionals website has many music videos for conditionals. Practice your understanding of this important grammar structure by listening to English music. Many songs use this structure, but some of the best music videos are listed below:

Third Conditional
Should've Known Better - The Beatles
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, - Brian McKnight
Should've Said No - Taylor Swift

Second Conditional
If I Were a Boy - Beyonce
If I Had a Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
If You Were a Sailboat - Katie Melua
If I Had a Boat - Lyle Lovett

First Conditional
First Conditional Music